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Love in High Demand

by Too Free

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Art Fin Experimental but catchy dance pop with interesting, shuffling rhythms and a distinctive, sparse sound. The band includes members of Merchandise and Big Freedia. Sounds like something that could be remixed into a club hit.
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    releases February 21, 2020

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Touch Upon Touch
The Void
Breathing Underwater
Wanna Let Me Know


Too Free is born of the most innate curiosity in Awad Bilal (Big Freedia, Vasillus), Carson Cox (Merchandise), and Don Godwin (Callers, Impractical Cockpit), their sound is a question of connection. Can we find each other in the club? In the bass? In the car? Can we find ourselves when we dance? Their debut album Love In High Demand is a startlingly succinct pop meditation on desire, compassion, and groove. Drawing from improvisation and experimentation, these sounds are whittled down to only the most essential: the hand beckoning a listener into their space. Informed by collective experiences in punk and DIY backgrounds, Too Free’s unpretentious dancehall ethos is inclusive and accessible instead of insular. Bilal, Cox, and Godwin harness an energy that reveres legacy while banishing nostalgia, their music is a first person guide to thriving in the future of a higher, wildest imagination. "If you wanna be there, you can." - “Touch Upon Touch”

Drawing equally from elements of South Florida freestyle, Jersey electro, and DC’s signature polyrhythms, the record is a continuous refinement of the virtue of motion - each composition rooted in propulsive energy that envelops. On Love In High Demand, Too Free is primarily concerned with imagining: a space to exist in your own body with agency and autonomy, to be loved and reciprocate love at your will, where you can be elastic and contour rigidity, articulate a wordless moment and divine your own ritual. Music is this space; a sprawling, boundless landscape where we transcend difficulty and revel in in our vulnerability. A place where we are our sexiest, most confident selves and learn not only to dream, but to dare to experience our dreams in real time and move inside them as long as the beat goes on. Love in High Demand is music that takes you there. Songs you can jam with your auntie at the cookout then vibe alone with in your car. Kinetic rhythms that move you, bass that shakes you to your core, and vocals that caress you throughout the experience. "Engulf me! Engulf me!" - “ATM”

These are playful meditations on the peculiar magnificence of identity, possibility, vulnerabilty, the power of imagining what we could be when we can simply be our truest, most honest selves together... Crystalliz(ing) into whatever - “No Fun”. Love In High Demand is a surprisingly realized debut vision, a utopian philosophy of the individual and collective body and freedom we can achieve together to break free from the binds of pervasive pessimism, archaic ideologies, and dystopian timelines that have kept us from the higher plane for too long. The group’s instinctive pop touch, a lineage of the Walker Brothers’ irreverent noir as much as Guy’s forward-thinking approach to R&B, is evident on tracks like “Gold” and “Wanna Let Me Know”. Never bogged down in the gravity of their task, Too Free is the most playful sound of what is unlocking in the future right now. Open up the gates. "Walk through walls." - “X2”


releases February 21, 2020

All songs written, performed, and produced by Too Free.
Guitar on Elastic by G. L. Jaguar.
Additional vocals on X2 by KAG.
Artwork by Taylor Mulitz.
Too Free is Awad Bilal, Carson Cox, and Don Godwin.


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Too Free Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: ATM

Baby, catch me in color
Luxury Notice
All you coud ask for
Endure, so much more
Lead me to somewhere you love

Engulf me
Engulf me

Watch all the moments
Rooms for tools or improvement

Here's the catch

I want to be seen by you
I want to be noticed
Oh, to be seen by you

Watch all the moments
Rooms for tools or improvement

Improve me or improvement

Here's the catch

Watch all the moments
Rooms for tools or improvement
Track Name: No Fun
Guide your eyes
Crystallize into whatever
Change your life
Make your mind up whenever

Is it ever enough?
Is the going too much?
Tryna take your stuff
Going in/out?
Note for note?
Did you go and go broke?
I can do stuff
Love is enough
If the going’s too much
Making your bluff
Til you change your ways

Guide your eyes
Crystallize into whatever
Change your life
Make your mind up whenever

I lose my mind
Every time the ways of love corrupt me
The ways of love corrupt me

Losing all your plans
Dreams and demands
Losing all your light
To the thought and the thrill of it

Will you lose your mind?
For the thrill of it
All just for the thrill

I can do well in the ways of love
I can do well in the ways of love

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